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We are very thankful for the teachers and staff at RCLC. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to drop your child off and have her cared for by people who truly care about her well-being, and make her, and us as parents, feel so comfortable. We couldn’t ask for a better daycare for our child! 

We cannot say enough about our experience with RCLC! Each day we drop our children off knowing they're being received by the loving, competent, capable hands of the many staff members our boys are fortunate enough to get to work with. The open communication maintained by the staff offers a wonderful platform to not only receive updates about their day-to-day interactions and well-being, but also an opportunity for us to understand more about their learning, and overall social and emotional development. We feel as though each of the staff members truly know our children personally, and offer the kind of attentive nurturing all parents hope for in a childcare experience. The creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into programming is a testament to the above-and-beyond nature of the RCLC employees, who work so hard to create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for the children in their care. The facility itself is well-maintained, safe, and offers endless opportunities for stimulating learning and growth. Unpacking the excitement of each day on our drive home tells me our children are not only developing new educational and play-based skills, but also having fun and making lasting memories. RCLC has genuinely been a blessing to our family!

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